Privacy Policy

One of the main things we take very serious here is your privacy, which is the is the most important to us. The Privacy Policy will address(“Policy”) addresses how Stoner&Blaze.Co and our affiliates and subsidiaries collect, disclose information, and utilize when you operate our websites, and any other website affiliated with Stoner&Blaze.Co. This information is regarding websites that link to our policy to access our products or services (collective, the “services”).

This policy is incorporated in our Terms of use, The Terms of services also applies when you have access to this site or any site or any affiliate sites.

The Policy will and may change from time to time, but not often. Any changes to the policy will become effective when we revise and post.

Any information that is obtained here is only for the customer profile and for us to verify identity. We do not use the information for an organization, third parties and or even social media. The information of the customer is solely for verification reasons only.

Collection of Third-Party Information       

Any information that is collected from third parties is also only to use to verify identity or market research. An example is when and if you connect with us via social media, we may use the information for Google Analytics, market research, interests, and Demographics.

Other information that will be collected from third party companies is tracking information. Tracking information will be tracking which emails, posts, and or links are shared, forwarded or clicked on; IP address, date and time of site session. This Analytical information also will provide navigation of the site, page views, device data (which device or kind of device is being used: Laptop, Mobile, etc.)

Information on Sharing Personal Information

We will not sell, we do not sell, and will never sell, Personal Information to anyone, or any company outside of Stoner&Blaze.Co.

Posting on Social Media and Other Public Areas

Please be advised when content is posted on the site and or social media form you that information is public. This is in regard to your name, any comments, pages and posts, and review and ratings. Please be advised that if you disclose personal information through our pages and site, this information that is provided is totally up to the customer and Stoner&Blaze.Co is in no way responsible.  Caution is extremely recommended when giving out personal information.

 Payment information

Here at Stoner&Blaze.Co we do not store or save the personal card and payment information, such as card number, CVV numbers, etc.  We have decided to use Cryptocurrencies and Giftcards as a way of purchase. Cryptocurrencies are undetectable and made for anonymity. Having Crptocurreniese we feel is a great way to allow customers to make purchases, safe, secure, and quick.

To make a CoinBase account, please visit https://www.coinbase.com/signin 

If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency and have a wallet already, then That is great.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]