Shipping Policy

Free Shipping
Here at Stoner & Blaze, we offer free shipping on all orders $25 and over.

Rush process

Rush shipping is a service that is offered for a small fee. The rush process is for special occasions, our vendors, and any other affiliates associated with Stone&Blaze.Co. Rush processing, if selected, must be placed before 11 AM EST. If your order is selected but is not in by the stated time, the order will be shipped out the next day or with the regular out-going orders. (in this case, the fee is terminated, and the order will be treated as a regular shipping order)

Express Shipping

If the shipping order shipping is Express, that means your order will have to place before 2 PM EST, your order will be shipped the same day. Any order that is placed after the stated time will be placed for next day delivery.
Note: Stoner&Blaze takes pride in giving our best effort, however, we really can not guarantee that orders will be shipped the same day, depending on order load, and processing time. If we fail to mean stated obligations, we will refund the rush fee. Also, if shipping and billing are different, there will be a possibility you will have to verify and information.

There is no shipping on main holidays and or on the weekends.

International Shipping

We currently do not ship internationally; this option is coming very soon and is being worked on.

Signature Requirements

A signature will be required for any and all orders over $200. A signature from an adult requirement is available. Please contact us at


Discreet Shipping

We’re extremely big on privacy being discreet, we will ship all packages in a plain box with absolutely no branding or labels on the box. The return address on all orders will state ‘”Distribution or Mail Room” along with an address that is affiliated with this brand.